2: Boulders & Bridges 04.18.14

Miss Emily

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We all have at least one boulder in our lives.
The people who are where we wish we could be.
And these boulders seem to sit right in the middle of our path, blocking our way to success.

This week, we interview soul singer and long-time friend (see picture below!) Miss Emily about insecurity, fear, and transforming the people who intimidate us into people who inspire us.

Ways you can connect with Miss Emily:


  • "Sneaky Snitch" & "Fun in a Bottle" by Kevin McLeod
  • "Lady Marmalade" by Bob Crewe & Kenny Nolan
    Performed by Miss Emily, Steve Williams, John Schultz, Fernie Garcia, & Bill Moody.
  • "Sweet Sunlight" by Miss Emily
  • "Holiness" by Scott Carl Underwood