4: The Attack of Real Life 05.16.14

Photo by Cat Mayer

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Sometimes, life just stops you dead in your tracks. Maybe we're building a dream or an idea, and a person, an event, or a set of circumstances knocks you flat on your back. How do you recover?

This week, I talked with local business owner, letterpresser, and home brewer David Miller. After investing in his brand new business, The Letterpress, in 2001, David almost had to close the doors on Grand Junction's only letterpress shop when the great recession hit in 2008. David lets us in on what to do when real life happens.

Find David online at www.theletterpress.net. And if you're looking for great design and letterpress, check out his side venture, www.handcraftpress.com.

Photos by David Miller and Cat Mayer

"Call to Adventure" by Kevin MacLeod
"Unplugged and Out of It" by MC Jack in the Box
"Tell Somebody" by Alex