5: Perspectives 05.30.14

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We've all thought it.
"I would be happier if I had ______________."
But by focusing on what we don't have, are we missing out on what we do have?

This week, I interviewed Daniel Suelo who has...well...nothing. Literally.
In fact, he's lived without money for nearly fifteen years and has no mortgage, no car, no job, and no debt. He spends his time between his dwelling (a cave in Moab, Utah) and traveling around the world with his "moneyless tribe."

We also talked to Stephanie Summerfield who, at the time of our interview, had lived in Suelo's community for three weeks.

Keep up with Suelo:
Daniel Suelo's blog: www.zerocurrency.blogspot.com
Stephanie Summerfield's blog: www.stephaniesummerfield.blogspot.com

"Theme for Harold Var. 2" by Kevin MacLeod
"Batty McFaddin" by Kevin MacLeod

"George Street Shuffle" by Kevin MacLeod
"Dark Side of your Heart" by Jeris
"Freedom in our Voices" by ditto ditto