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honestly, dear listener

We were born to create. So why do so many of us let fear and insecurity keep us from creating? Honestly, Dear Listener is a fortnightly podcast that seeks to answer that question and solve that problem. We tell the truth here. And the truth is that art is hard, but anything worth doing is difficult. Here you'll find honest conversations about how to slap fear and insecurity in the face and embrace freedom.

With an emphasis on storytelling, we interview artists of all mediums and showcase new music, poetry, and short stories. Honestly, Dear Listener exists to inspire creativity by championing vulnerability and community.

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carrington schaeffer

Carrington is a short girl (5'0" to be exact) who lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is a writer of creepy children's fiction and a member of the all-girl vintage vocal jazz quartet, The Tonettes.

Above almost anything, she loves asking questions. She has been described by both strangers and close friends as "quirky," an adjective she finds highly complimentary.

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